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Lightweight Rayon-Blend Jersey – Mourning Dove

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This beautiful, and beautifully soft jersey comes from the workroom of one of Manhattan’s hottest young designers. It’s lightweight, and it’s a fantastic transitional color! For a great top, make it using Hotpatterns Summer Breeze Tops. Fabulous!

Please note – this fabric is slightly sheer. I recommend either double-layering or using it as a layer with another fabric.

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Product Description

Content: Rayon/Poly/Lycra
Type/Weave: Jersey, Knit
Width: 60
Care: Machine wash cold lay flat to dry or dry clean
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Loungewear
Colors: Gray
Solid/Print: Solid
Closest Pantone Color(s): 14-4103
Needle: Stretch 65/9
Stretch: 100% crosswise

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