Sapphire Stripes Wide Lightweight Sweater Knit – Blue/Black

This Gorgeous sweatery knit has a beautiful colorway, and it comes from the workrooms of the top knitwear designer in the US. It has an airy weave and soft hand that drapes beautifully. It will make a beautiful topper using Kwik Sew 3952. Or make a dress that will subtly light up the evening with Hotpattern’s Anissette (do line it with some of our tricot lining if you make a dress). How stunning!

Do you Vine? Click Here to see a video of this fabric! The light patches are where the background table shows through the weave.

SKU: SWK8948

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Product Description

Content: Rayon/Acetate
Type/Weave: Knit
Width: 68
Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry
Uses: Dress Top
Colors: Blue Black
Solid/Print: Print
Closest Pantone Color(s): 18-3949
Needle: Ball Point/Jersey 70/10
Stretch: 80% crosswise

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