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Starlight Express Ombred Tricot Mesh – Wines

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This fun mesh fabric has marvelous stretch, tiny allover sparkels, and a beautiful colorway that goes from almost black on one selvage through shades of wine and back to almost black on the other selvage. It’s a great option for activewear (overlay for Jalie 3240, anyone?) or for a superlative cardi, a la Simplicity 1588. Sheer gorgeousness!

For information on working with this kind of knit, see Ann’s blog. Click Here and Click Here for posts about tricot and mesh.

Do you Vine? Click here to see a video of the fabric!

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Product Description

Content: Polyester/Lycra
Type/Weave: Mesh
Width: 60′
Care: Machine wash gentle or hand wash line dry
Uses: Skirt Top Activewear
Colors: Red
Solid/Print: Solid
Closest Pantone Color(s): 19-1655, 19-1317
Needle: Stretch 60/8 or Ball Point/Jersey 60/8
Stretch: 100% crosswise

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