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Easy Care Stretch Striped Suiting – Black/Tan/Ivory

This is a fantastic career or travel option! It comes from the workrooms of one of America’s premier designers, renowned for his career wear for all seasons. It has the most beautiful coloring, with a stripe pattern, and a textured tone-on-tone stripe effect. Make this into surprising dress with Colette’s Lily. Or make a fabulous pair of pants with Vogue 8751. What a great wardrobe builder!

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Product Description

Content: Acetate/Poly/Lycra
Type/Weave: Stretch Woven
Width: 60
Care: Machine wash cold tumble dry low
Uses: Dress Skirt Jacket Pants Top
Colors: Black Ivory
Solid/Print: Print
Needle: Stretch 70/10
Stretch: 5% crosswise

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