Italian Double Faced Doubleknit – Black

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If you are looking for the perfect weight knit for pants and jackets, you’ve found it! And on top of that, this beauty is two-faced in the best way. One side has a very (very) subtle color variance in the crosswise, while the other side is plain black. You can use either or both for sophisticated contrast. This will make a brilliant pair of pants with Christine Jonson’s Perfect Pants. For a travel worthy jacket, make this up with Kwik Sew 4071.


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Product Description

Content: Polyester Lycra
Type/Weave: Ponte Knit
Width: 60
Weight: Medium-to-heavy
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Uses: Jacket Skirt Pants
Colors: Black White
Needle: Stretch 70/10
Stretch: 25% crosswise

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