Italian 1MM Textured Neoprene – Black

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Oh. My. Gracious! This Gorgeous knit comes from one of Italy’s finest producers and it’s used in garments that retail for more than $1000.  With textured “stripes” that run from selvage to selvage, it’s got a weighty feel and drape that falls away from the body in large cones. I just love it for outerwear (as does the designer who uses it). Make a fabulous moto-style jacket using Burda 6800. For a very modern coat, pair it up with StyleArc’s Josephine Coat. Fab-you-luss!


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Product Description

Content: Polyester Lycra
Type/Weave: Neoprene
Width: 60
Weight: Medium Heavy
Care: Dry Clean Recommended
Uses: Jacket Coat Top Skirt Dress
Colors: Black
Needle: Microtex 80/12 or Stretch 80/12
Stretch: 20% crosswise, 15% lengthwise
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