Barrows of Arrows 4-Way Jersey – Black/White

What a beautiful, comfortable jersey! It has a bold print of black and white “arrows” running from selvage to selvage. And it has stretch in both directions so you can use either a regular or cross-grain layout. Personally I would use a cross-grain, but that’s me. You decide! Make an of-the-moment top to spice up a wardrobe using StyleArc’s Cold Shoulder Top. Make a fabulous maxi dress with Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi.


SKU: GRV12046

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Product Description

Content: Nylon Lycra
Type/Weave: Jersey Knit
Width: 60
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Uses: Dress Skirt Top
Colors: Black White
Needle: Stretch 70/10
Stretch: 60% crosswise, 40% lengthwise

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