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Chunky Ribbed Italian Sweater Knit – Black

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This is the stuff of which sweatery dreams are made! This super soft, chunky knit has large ribs and a nice heavy drape. You can use either side as the face. This fabric is used to make tops and dresses that retail for many (!) hundreds of dollars in the likes of Barneys and Neimans. But you can have it for a fraction of that! Make this into a tres chic pullover top with BurdaStyle’s Amy S. 6028. For a long duster style lengthen Hotpatterns’ Chimera to mid thigh or knee length and you’ll have a piece you can wear for years!


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Product Description

Content: 42% Cotton 42% Wool 13% Acrylic 3% Other Fibers
Type/Weave: Sweater Knit
Width: 54
Weight: Heavy
Care: Dry Clean Recommended
Uses: Jacket Coat Skirt Dress Top
Colors: Black
Needle: Ball Point 90/14
Stretch: 25% crosswise

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