Belle Epoque Rayon-Blend Stretch Lace – Black

Oh my! This wonderful lace is really soft, with a pretty motif that has Art-Nouveau leanings. It can go casual or dressy, in tops or dresses. Use it for a special dress paired to Lekala 4495. Or take a simple top to the next level using Vogue 8924.


For hints on how to work with a fabric like this, check out This Post on Ann’s Blog.


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SKU: SLC11737

29.5 in stock

Product Description

Content: Acetate Rayon Lycra
Type/Weave: Stretch Lace
Width: 60
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Hand wash, line dry
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Formalwear
Colors: Black
Needle: Ballpoint/Jersey 60/8
Stretch: 35% crosswise, 40% lengthwise

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