Floral Stretch Lace – Navy Blue

This beautiful stretch lace will look stunning made up as a top using Jalie’s Sweetheart Top. Or make an utterly faboo dress for evening with Burda 7312. How fun! The stretch runs lengthwise, so you can lay your pattern on the crosswise direction to maximize the stretch.

Please note, this fabric is sheer, of course, so I recommend underlining or lining it. For an idea of how to work with a fabric like this, See Ann’s Blog.




SKU: SLC7712

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Product Description

Content: Nylon/Lycra
Type/Weave: Lace
Width: 60
Care: Machine wash cold tumble dry low
Colors: Blue
Closest Pantone Color(s): 19-4028
Needle: Stretch 65/9
Stretch: 60% lengthwise

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