Super Soft Lightweight Lambskin Chamois – Black

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The price listed is per skin. Each skin measures between roughly 22 by 20 inches.

This Gorgeous leather is soooo soft, supple and sueded, making it perfect for drapey applications. Make a fabulous pair of shorts/culottes with Burda 11/2016#118. Don’t want to commit to a full-on leather garment? One skin will give you loads of trim for collars and cuffs. I love it for collars on wool blazers. Or cut it into strips and use it to bind the edges of garments. How very couture!

Please note, the skins may have a couple of small holes and textural differences in places. These are part of the tanning process and are not considered to be defects. You can easily cut around them, or use them as design features.


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Product Description

Content: Chamois Leather
Size: 22 x 20 (approximate)
Care: Leather Clean Only
Uses: Dress Skirt Pants Accessories Jacket Top
Colors: Black
Needle: Leather 70/10, Universal 60/8

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