Graphic Novel Stripes Cotton Shirting – Grays/Peach/Pink

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I really like the print on this cotton! The gray and pink stripes are shaded in a way that reminds me of graphic novels. This shirting has irregular stripes that range from 1/4 inch, to 1/2 inches (pink) to 1 inch (gray). It’s got a somewhat gauzy feel, and it’s a great weight for warm weather garments.  Make a soft shirtdress using StyleArc’s Artist Tunic. Make a super easy, super fun top with New Look 6450.


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Product Description

Content: 100% Cotton
Type/Weave: Woven
Width: 44
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Machine wash gentle or hand wash, line dry
Uses: Dress Top Skirt
Colors: Gray Orange White Pink
Closest Pantone Color(s): 16-5803, 14-1905, 16-1317
Needle: Universal60/8

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