Heavy Cotton Denim – Heathered Dark Wash

I’m so excited about this denim! It’s from one of the premier jeans companies, whose goods sell for hundreds of dollars in upscale boutiques and stores, but you can have it for a mere fraction of that! This is a heavy twill that isn’t quite bull denim, but still has a lot of body to it.  It’s great for heavier applications, like jeans, jackets and even coats. Make a cool coat for transitional weather with StyleArc’s Casey. Make a pair of rugged jeans for him with Thread Theory’s Jedediah.

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Product Description

Content: 100% Cotton
Type/Weave: Denim Twill
Width: 60
Weight: Heavy
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
Uses: Jacket Skirt Pants Coat
Colors: Blue White
Closest Pantone Color(s): 19-4218
Needle: Jeans 80/12 or Universal 80/12

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