Pastel Florals “Linen” – Pinks/Turquoise/Green on Natural

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Such a lovely print! This rayon has the feel of a lightweight linen, but it’s easier and drapier and the colors are just so lovely. This will work beautifullly for a skirt like McCalls 7329. Or make a pretty dress with Simplicity 8384.


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Product Description

Content: 100% Polyester
Type/Weave: Nubby woven
Width: 60
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Machine wash gentle or hand wash, line dry
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Jacket
Colors: Ivory Pink Turquoise Brown Purple Green
Closest Pantone Color(s): 15-2216, 18-1950, 17-0145, 14-1051, 12-5209
Needle: Universal 70/10

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