Striped Dress-Weight Linen – Pink/White/Black

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This beauritul European linen from is soft and light, and it has a great pattern and coloration that can run the gamut from work wardrobing to weekend fun. It will be perfect for a top or dress made with Papercut Patterns’ Bustier Dress/Bodice. This will also make a great shirt for him with Colette’s Negroni.

The stripes run from selvage to selvage, so you can use a cross-grain layout and save on fabric!


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Product Description

Content: 100% Linen
Type/Weave: Woven
Width: 60
Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Jacket Pants
Colors: Black White Pink
Solid/Print: Print
Closest Pantone Color(s): 17-1928
Needle: Universal 70/10

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 lbs


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