Super Soft Mini Stripe Linen Shirt-Weight – Black/White

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This Gorgeous linen has a super soft hand, with teeny stripes running lengthwise, in a colored that suits men or women. Make a fab and fun shirt that plays up the stripes with McCalls 7575. For a shirtdress that you’ll wear for years, make it into StyleArc’s Mara. One of the cool things about this fabric is that the shading on it goes well not only with black solids, but with dark navy as well.


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SKU: LNN11999

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Product Description

Content: 100% Linen
Type/Weave: Woven
Width: 60
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Machine wash gentle, line dry
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Jacket
Colors: Black White
Needle: Universal 70/10

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