Denim and Fleece Doublecloth – Dark Wash/Black

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How amazing is this fabric?? It is classic dark wash denim on one side, and reverses to a black, super soft, low-pile napped microfiber on the reverse. It’s a smashing choice for a jacket or coat that will transition from one season to the next. Make a classic jeans jacket using StyleArc’s Stacie. And you know what would be cool? Make a second, removable mouton-style collar with the fleece facing outward! Or make a chic rainproof cape with Vogue 9211. Either one is chic and fun!


For best results when pressing this fabric, use a cool iron and no steam, and press on the twill side, not the vinyl side.


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Product Description

Content: Cotton Polyester
Type/Weave: Denim Fleece
Width: 58
Weight: Heavy-ish
Care: Machine wash gentle, line dry.
Uses: Jacket Coat
Colors: Blue Black
Closest Pantone Color(s): 19-4009
Needle: Universal 8-/12

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