Designer Novelty Pleated Blouse-Weight – Bright White

This fabric, and its glorious siblings, come from a very avant-garde design team. It is SO beautiful! It has a crisp hand and soft finish to the touch. It’s got beautiful twisted pleats running from selvage to selvage. You can use it with a cross-grain layout for a Fortuny style look. Make a brilliant blouse with Marfy 3891. Make a fabulous evening topper with Vogue 9045. Or you can self-draft a straight skirt with an elastic waist, cut on the cross-grain. You can leave the selvage un-hemmed since it is finished, and in under an hour you can have an easy, chic look!


I tried and tried to get a decent picture that shows off the pleating across the bolt, but to no avail. To see what it looks like in another color, check out the Azalea version. Same fabric, different color, better shows off the AMAZING pleating. Click Here for a picture of the pink.


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Product Description

Content: Acetate Nylon
Type/Weave: Pleated Woven
Width: 54
Weight: Lightweight
Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry or dry clean
Uses: Top Dress Skirt Formalwear
Colors: White
Needle: Microtex 70/10 or Universal 70/10
Stretch: 70% lengthwise, but it is strictly mechanical due to the pleating

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