Novelty “Striped” Sequined Mesh – Black

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This Gorgeous mesh novelty has textured stripes running from selvage to selvage, with tiny sequins scattered throughout for wonderful effect! It gleams without being garish. It has slight stretch in both directions, so you can use either a straight grain or cross-grain layout – your choice! This will make a fabulous jacket with Hotpatterns’ Chimera Jacket.  Or make a fun and flirty skirt with Kwik Sew 3637 (use a solid black as the lining/contrast)


Please note, the areas between the stripes are semi sheer, so you may wish to line this or wear a slip/cami with it.


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Product Description

Content: Polyester Acetate Cellulose
Type/Weave: Mesh
Width: 60
Weight: Medium
Care: Dry clean recommended.
Uses: Jacket Skirt Dress Formalwear
Colors: Black
Needle: Ballpoint/Jersey 70/10
Stretch: 15% crosswise, 10% lengthwise

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