Vinyl Coated Cotton – Black

Wowzers! This exceedingly cool cotton has a thin coating of vinyl on its face, making it perfect for rainwear or even for a cool cosplay outfit! For the former, pair it up into Grainline Studio’s Cascade Duffle. Or if you want a Matrix-y, Steampunk-y look for the convention circuit, this will work beautifully as McCalls 6818. Deliciously evil!


PS, for pressing this fabric make sure to use the coolest iron setting and no steam. I would actually not even use an iron, but rather hammer the seams open like you do for leather.


SKU: RCF10520

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Product Description

Content: Cotton Vinyl
Type/Weave: Twill
Width: 56
Weight: Medium-heavy
Care: Dry Clean Only
Uses: Coat Jacket Costume
Colors: Black
Solid/Print: Solid
Needle: Microtex 70/10

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