Laminated Tweedy Raincoat Fabric – Black/White/Silver

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This reversible fabric is laminated on one side for waterproofing, and comfy tweed on the other. You can use either as the face if you want! This will make a fun casual rain coat using Sewaholic’s Minoru. Or make a cool rain cape with Simplicity 8263. How fun and chic!


For best results when pressing this fabric, use a cool iron and no steam, and press on the tweed side, not the vinyl side.


SKU: RCF11843

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Product Description

Content: Rayon Acetate Vinyl
Type/Weave: Satin
Width: 60
Weight: Medium
Care: Dry Clean Only
Uses: Raincoat Jacket
Colors: Black White Silver
Needle: Microtex 80/12

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