Show Your Stripes Rayon Satin – Crimson/Amethyst/Gold/Silver

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Wow – what a beauty this satin is! It’s on the lighter-weight end of the satin family, with beautiful even stripes in jewel tones that reverse to an equally lovely heathered red. This will make a spectacular ensemble using Vogue 1537 by Kay Unger. Another wonderful option is a jacket that you can wear over a LBD or jeans with equal aplomb. For that, pair it with StyleArc’s Harriet. The simple lines will let the fabric take center stage.


The stripes range from 3 7/8 inches (silver) wide to 7 1/8 inches wide (crimson), with a total repeat of 22 3/8 inches.



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Product Description

Content: 100% Rayon
Type/Weave: Satin
Width: 60
Weight: Lighter end of Medium
Care: Dry Clean Only
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Jacket Formalwear
Colors: Red Purple Gold Silver
Closest Pantone Color(s): 16-1406, 16-0836, 18-3331, 19-1840
Needle: Universal 70/10

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