Amsale Wide Stretch Silk Chiffon – Aqua Glass

This lovely silk chiffon is perfect for a blouse (line it or wear a cami, of course), or for formalwear. And it’s wide, so a little goes a long way! Want to emulate Duchess Kate’s dress from her sister’s wedding? Pair it to StyleArc’s Peony.


As is the nature of any chiffon, this beautiful fabric is sheer, so you may want to line it or wear a slip or cami underneath.


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Product Description

Content: Silk Lycra
Type/Weave: Chiffon
Width: 60
Weight: Very lightweight
Care: Hand wash, line dry or dry clean
Uses: Top, dress, formalwear
Colors: Turquoise
Closest Pantone Color(s): 12-5407
Stretch: 10% crosswise
Needle: Microtex 60/8 or Stretch 60/8

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