Dotty Designer Silk Twill – Green/Aqua on Navy

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This stunning silk walked the Spring 2014 runway of one of New York’s top young female designers! It has a beautiful print in a Gorgeous colorway! Make an über-fun dress with Vogue 8945. It will also work wonderfully for a top made with StyleArc’s Suzie’s Sister. It will add pizzazz and zing to the most sober suit!


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Product Description

Content: 100% Silk
Type/Weave: Twill
Width: 45
Weight: Light
Care: Dry Clean Only
Uses: Dress Skirt Jacket Top Formalwear
Colors: Blue Green Turquoise
Solid/Print: Print
Closest Pantone Color(s): 19-3920, 15-6442, 15-5209
Needle: Universal 70/10

Additional Information

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