2 1/2+ yards of Italian Wool Double Knit - Heathered Black

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring more than 2 1/2 yards. It’s sold AS IS because there are several small holes near one end. They occurred at the mill, they are not caused by moths.

This fabulous knit from one of Italy's best mills is absolutely stunning! Predominantly black, with shots of gray, it's got lots of stretch and is perfect for cozy garments. And it's wide, and really soft! Make a great dress or coordinates, or a casual-meets-luxe men's topper.


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Content: 100% Wool
Width: 53
Weight: Medium
Color: Black
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Mens Outerwear
Needle: Jersey 70/10
Care: Dry Clean Recommended. If you want to hand wash/line dry, test on a swatch first.
Stretch: 60% crosswise, 15% lengthwise