Dogwood Days Rayon Challis - Pale Pinks/Grays/White

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$5.00 each
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When there's a whiff of warmth in the air, that makes me want to make a floaty dress. And this fabric is a perfect choice! With a print reminiscent of dogwood petals, it will make a brilliant dress or skirt, or a softly draping top.

Matching Thread:
•  Metrosene White   
•  Metrosene Mystik Grey   
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Content: 100% Rayon
Width: 58
Weight: Lightweight
Needle: Universal 60/8
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Pants
Care: Machine wash gentle. Tumble dry low. Remove immediately.

•  14-1714     (Quartz Pink)
•  14-1511     (Powder Pink)
•  16-4402     (Drizzle)
•  13-4104     (Antarctica)