1 yard of Italian Graphic Squares Brocade - Golds/Reds/Greens

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The price shown is for a yard of this fabric.

It's a floral! It's an animal print! It's houndstooth! It's all of these, but above all it's FABULOUS. This fabulous brocade from Oscar de la Renta has motifs of all sorts in bright colors. When Kenneth King saw it, he said, "I'd make that into jeans, and use a cross grain layout so the 'stripes' in the weave are vertical." So follow his lead and use it for jeans, or a dress, or a jacket, or - and I love this idea - a trench coat!

Oh, one other thing - the reverse is also really cool, so I would definitely allow it to show!

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Content: Polyester Lurex
Width: 55
Weight: Medium
Colors: Red Green Gold
Uses: Dress Skirt Pants Jacket Coat Formalwear
Needle: Universal 70/10
Care: Dry Clean Only

Repeat: Each "row" is 5 3/8 inches high. The sections within each row measure 14 1/2 inches.

•  16-0836     (Rich Gold)
•  17-5638     (Vivid Green)
•  12-0736     (Lemon Drop)
•  15-0643     (Cress Green)
•  19-1526     (Chocolate Truffle)
•  18-1663     (Chinese Red)