2 1/2+ yards of Heavy Double Sided Silk - Ecru/Griege

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The price shown is for two pieces of fabric measuring slightly more than 2 1/2 yards. One piece is 1 1/4 yards, the other is 1 3/8+ yards. 

This beautiful twill satin hails from the atelier of Yeohlee, one of the most exclusive designers known for quiet luxury. This is a satin that has an almost crepe like texture to it, and since it's double sided, and the weave gives it an iridescent effect. You can use either or both sides as the face and contrast.  It has a crisp hand that falls away from the body in large cones. This will make a brilliant or a jacket, skirt, or pants. 

Matching Thread:
•  Metrosene Khaki   
•  Metrosene Dried clay   
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Content: 100% Silk (fabric) Swarovski crystals
Width: 54
Weight: Medium
Needle: Universal 70/10
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Formalwear
Care: Dry Clean Only

•  15-1307     (White Pepper)
•  15-1305     (Feather Gray)