2+ yards of The R0w Pebble Texture Double Wool Crepe - Black - AS IS

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring slightly more than 2 1/2 yards. It's sold AS IS because for about the first half yard, there is tape residue on the wrong side. But you can definitely use that part of the fabric for things like pockets or facings, and get a great bargain!

If you are looking for THE fabric that you will wear and love forever, this is it. This beautiful wool crepe from The Row has a lovely texture and a weight that I can only describe as perfect. I love it for pants, jackets, skirts, an LBD, or menswear. It really is that versatile.

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Content: 100% Wool
Width: 61
Weight: Medium
Uses: Dress Skirt Pants Jacket
Needle: Universal 70/10
Care: Dry clean only