3 Panels of In the Marshes Italian Brocade Panel - White/Black/Blue/Red/Yellow/Gray AS IS

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$125.00 each $150.00 eachyou save $25.00
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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric comprised of 3 panels. It is priced AS IS because there is a small stain in one panel. But you can cut around that and get a great bargain!

This GORGEOUS brocade hails from the workroom of one of 7th Avenue's finest designers, who uses it in couture garments that sell for thousands of dollars! The sibling of our Black Background Version, it has a lovely print of nature, in subtle and rich colors. I love this for a coat or jacket that will be the ultimate fashion statement! 

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•  Metrosene White   
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Content: Polyester Rayon Lurex
Width: 58
Weight: Lightweight
Uses: Dress Skirt Jacket Coat Formalwear
Needle: Universal 70/10
Care: Dry Clean Only
Repeat: 17 inches

•  14-0955     (Citrus)
•  17-1635     (Rose Of Sharon)
•  17-3934     (Persian Jewel)
•  18-4006     (Quiet Shade)