2 1/2 yards of Boiled Wool Knit - Black

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring 2 1/2 yards.

Oh, my, Goodness! This lovely wool is milled for Yeholee, and is used in garments that sell for thousands of dollars! It has beautiful loft and falls away from the body in soft cones. While it's knitted, it acts more like a stretch woven, and it has wonderful loft and warmth.  It's perfect for outerwear for men or women. Make this into a cozy coat or an updated take on the classic Jaeger jacket.

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Content: 100% Wool
Width: 54
Weight: Heavy
Needle: Universal 80/12
Uses: Coat, Jacket
Care: Dry-Clean Recommended. If you want to hand wash/lay flat to dry, test on a swatch first.

Stretch: 50% Crosswise (mechanical)

•  19-1100     (Bristol Black)