~1 1/2 Yards of Coyote Fabulous Italian Wool Jersey - Brown Tones

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring 1 yard, 18 inches at one selvage, and 1 yard, 16 inches at the other.

Oh the things you can do with this fabulous wool jersey! With a trompe l'oeil print that looks like coyote fur, it has a great colorway for all seasons, and it's super soft against the skin! Make the classic French Fishermen's top using Oliver + S Maritime Knit Top. For a kicky dress that you can throw on and go, make it into Silhouette Patterns Morocco's Dress.

Pairing Possibilities: (click on the link to open fabric page in another window)

Extra Wide, Soft Rayon Jersey - Bittersweet Chocolate, Italian Tropical Weight Stretch Wool - Winter White, Designer Rayon Double Knit - Chocolate Brown, Italian Worsted Wool Prince of Wales Plaid - Tans/Pale Blue

Technical Details
Content: 100% Italian Merino Wool
Width: 52
Weight: Lightweight
Colors: Brown Ivory
Closest Pantones: 19-1314, 12-5202, 16-1315
Uses: Dress Top Skirt Loungewear
Needle: Ballpoint 70/10
Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry or dry clean
Stretch: 30% crosswise

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