3 Yards of Desert Vistas Italian Rayon Jersey - Red Tones/Greens

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$52.00 each
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The price shown is for 2 pieces of fabric, totaling 3 yards. One piece is 2 yards, 4 inches; the other is 32 inches.

This beautiful rayon jersey has a pattern that reminds me of the American Southwest and Grand Canyon. It's milled in Italy for one of New York's top designers. It's really comfortable, with lots of stretch in both directions. Make it into a fabulous dress, top, skirt, or leggings.

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Content: 92% Rayon, 8% Elastane
Width: 65
Weight: Lightweight
Needle: Stretch 65/9
Care: Machine wash gentle, lay flat to dry
Stretch: 95% crosswise, 50% lengthwise

•  18-1444     (Tandori Spice)
•  15-1050     (Golden Glow)
•  19-4906     (Green Gables)
•  15-3412     (Orchid Bouquet)
•  13-6208     (Bok Choy)