3 Yards of Fringed Tiny Sequined Mesh - Silver on Palest Tan

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$105.00 each
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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring 3 yards.

I literally squeaked when I saw this fabric - it's so lovely, and so fun! With tiny sequins "fringing" off the fabric periodically, and lots of stretch, it will make a fabulous slinky dress, skirt, or top. The stretch is in the lengthwise direction, so you can use a cross-grain layout to take advantage. And the stripe effect is elongating and slimming.

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Content: Nylon Lycra (fabric) Triacetate (sequins)
Width: 56 (total)/48 (sequins)
Weight: Lightweight
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Formalwear
Needle: Stretch 75/11
Care: Hand wash, line dry, or dry clean
Stretch: 50% lengthwise

•  13-1008     (Bleached Sand)
•  14-0000     (Silver Gray)