1 1/4+ yards of Jacket Weight "Hobnail" Wool Twill - Rust

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring more than 1 1/4 yards.

This fabulous wool is one of those that is perfect for transitioning between seasons! It's a great weight for jackets and coats, and even for work-wear jumpsuits. For the last, I love Closet Core Blanca Blanca Flightsuit. It will also make a fabulous coat with Marfy 2251.


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Content: 100% Wool
Width: 62
Weight: Lighter end of Heavy
Uses: Coat Jacket Pants Jumpsuit
Needle: Universal 80/12
Care: Dry clean recommended, but here is my thought: I would run it through a hot washing machine 2-3 times to soften it up, and through a regular dryer. Don't use any fabric softener; just let the water and detergent do their job.

Or just dry clean.

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