August Newsletter - Classes at Gorgeous Fabrics

August Newsletter - Classes at Gorgeous Fabrics

Aug 06, 2023Ann Steeves

Wow! This year has been a whirlwind, both good and bad. In 2022, I held the inaugural class at Gorgeous Fabrics’ Galactic Headquarters in Billerica, MA. The headliner was none other than the wonderful Kenneth King. Kenneth taught his Trouser Draft Class It was a smashing success for everyone involved: the students, Kenneth, and me. 

So I decided to expand classroom offerings in 2023. In April, the incomparable Susan Khalje held her Couture Sewing School. Twelve students brought projects of all types to work on under Susan’s tutelage and expertise. We had everything from a tailored blazer to a lace-encrusted mother of the groom dress. Participants spent a week working on their projects, and they were inspiring to see taking garments from early stage to complete.

 Susan Khalje adjusting a dress on a student

In June, Lynda Maynard brought her Drafting Knit Pants and Yoga Pants to our offices. I was so excited to host Lynda. She is well known on the West Coast, but not as much here so, this class was a wonderful introduction. Lynda made sure everyone had not one, but two sample garments to take home, along with patterns for five (!) different pant styles, from straight leg to leggings!

And this weekend, Kenneth King returned to teach his class on The Moulage. In an intensive 3-day class, students drafted patterns from their measurements, following a foolproof methodology (and I don’t say that lightly - I watched as these came to life) that Kenneth has learned and perfected over the years. After making adjustments so each student had a perfect sloper, he taught students how to add ease to create bodice, jacket and overcoat sloper master patterns.

I am beyond delighted to bring world-class instructors to Gorgeous Fabrics’ Galactic Headquarters! I hope to host all three again next year. So here is a question for all of you, my dear readers. What classes would you love to take? Do you have other teachers you would like to see teach at Gorgeous Fabrics headquarters? Keep in mind that winters in the Northeast can make travel difficult, so classes will run between April and October. 

I would love your feedback. Respond to this email, or reach me through the Contact Link on the Gorgeous Fabrics Website. And thank you!


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