Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions; we have answers!

So, who are you? Are you the same Gorgeous Fabrics I shopped at before?
Well, not quite. Gorgeous Fabrics is still owned by Ann Steeves (that's me), sewing teacher, occasional contributor to Threads Magazine, Vogue Patterns Magazine (RIP, sniff!), and other publications, lesser self alter-ego of The Pressinatrix, former Craftsy instructor and all around sewing fanatic.

What's different is that, since restarting the business in 2018, I present to you an exclusive offering of fabrics, each of which I choose for your sewing pleasure. You won't find fleece here, unless it's designer fleece, and even then... probably not. 

Do you offer classes?

Yes! We offer classes at our studio in Billerica, MA. From Sew With a Pro (bring your own project and get help from me) to more structured classes like Sewing With Knits, Beautiful Blouses, Captivating Coats and more, we'll add to the roster over time. Work on projects and learn new skills in a supportive environment, with Ann's expertise and some of her specialized equipment available for students' use. Please note, we don't supply sewing machines; you need to bring your own. Also note that the studio is not handicapped accessible, sorry.

 If I come to a class, can I buy fabric there?

Yes! We have a cash (and credit card, and Apple Pay) and carry option for class attendees. AND, class attendees get a discount.

Do you have a storefront?

No. We are primarily online. We're happy to arrange a visit, but in-person shopping is by appointment only. Please be aware that we are not a retail store. Prices are not marked on the fabrics, and we don't merchandise in a standard retail way. But email us and we will try to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Please note, we require at least 48 hours notice to be ready for you.

On occasion, we host open houses during which you can drool all over visit us and see our fabrics. To find out when open houses are happening (we open 2-3 times per year), be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

How do you price your fabrics?
Fabrics are generally priced by the half-yard. We have a minimum of one yard (so quantity 2) for any of the yardage. I know it's a bit of a pain, and I'm sorry about that. But the good news is that you can buy in half-yard increments. We don't force you to buy a whole yard when you don't need it. I hope that makes up for any inconvenience!

There are some exceptions to this - some fabrics are sold by the piece or panel, and we let you know loud and clear when that's the case. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  a couple of scamps have tried to override the minimum yardage. For cut yardage (i.e. not pieces or panels), the minimum purchase is 1 yard. If you try to change that to 1/2 yard, that product will be removed from your order and refunded. No cheating, peeps!

Half yards? Does that mean you'll send me 18-inch pieces???
Not at all. Fabrics are cut in one continuous piece. If you order quantity 3 yards, we send you a continuous length of fabric measuring 3 yards total.

Cut? Or Tear?
When possible, tear. Obviously, I can't do that with knits, and certain wovens. But when possible, I find it's far more accurate to make a small cut in the selvage, and then tear the fabric. While that may result in slight grain distortion within an inch of the end, I give you enough fabric that it's not an issue. And the feedback I've gotten is that my customers FAR prefer me to tear the fabric.

I prefer to use all natural fabrics. How can I find those?
I've begun adding a tag that allows you to filter for fabrics that are 100% cotton, linen, silk, or wool! When you are in a category (like Silks, or Shirtings or such), click on the "Filter" tab in the upper left, under the logo. You'll see a filter that says "100%". If you click on that, it will bring up fabrics that are not blends. Please note that this is a new feature, so it's available on newer fabrics. I'll retrofit older fabrics as time allows.

I got my fabric, and there's a sticker on one of them that reads, "FACE". What's that?
"Face" is the industry term for the right side of a fabric. In most cases, you can tell pretty readily which side of the fabric is the face, and which is the reverse (the industry term for wrong side). When it's not obvious, I'll put a sticker along the selvage for you. But remember - you have complete control, so whichever side you prefer is the one that you should show to the world!

I can't find the Pantone color for a fabric in my Pantone deck. Howcum?
We use the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors FHI Cotton Color Guide, 2023 edition, to give you a color approximation. If you have one of the older, retail Fashion and Home decks, or the one from Ma Maison, those don't have all the the 2100+ colors in the Cotton book. If you can't find a number in your smaller deck, just click on the number of the color on the Pantone tab on the page, and it will bring up that color on Pantone's online color matcher site. 

And if you like that feature, please let Mr. Gorgeous Fabrics know, since he was the one who came up with it!

Can I get swatches?
Yes! You can request up to 5 swatches of fabrics at no charge. If you need more than 5, each additional swatch is $1. Email us the SKU numbers (and if you really want to get on my good side, can you please include the name of the fabric? It makes it SO much easier for me to find)  of the swatches you would like and your mailing address, and we'll send them out by USPS first class mail. Fabrics with less than 5 yards, outlet fabrics, panels, and individual pieces are not available for swatching.

Do you sell matching thread? 
Yes! We offer Mettler Metrosene Thread. IMO it's the best thread on the market. You can order colors or ask us to match the thread to your fabric. On the newer fabrics, I include the matching thread in the fabric description, so you can click on it and order. I'll retrofit that to older fabrics as time allows.

We also sell Mettler Seraflex Elastic Thread. This is AMAZING for sewing stretchy seams without a serger. Use it in the needle and the bobbin, and you can sew a stretchy seamline with a straight stitch. Try it - you're going to love it!

We also sell the Metrosene thread cards, so you can buy one and know exactly which thread you want.

Do you sell patterns?
No. I recommend patterns to use with each fabric, to give you a good idea on how that fabric will drape and handle, and what kind of style will work well with it.

I have no monetary relationships with any pattern companies. I get nothing for linking to them. My recommendations are based on my knowledge of sewing and fabric. You don't need to worry that I'm shilling for someone.

WOW! Shipping seems really high! Whazzup with that?
Fear not! We charge the actual cost of shipping plus a small handling fee (between $2 and $3). Fabric shipping is an inexact science, so we use a combination of weight and volume to give an estimate of what it will cost to ship your fabrics to you. To quote "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," DON'T PANIC (in large, friendly letters) when you see the shipping cost. As soon as I know the actual cost of the package, I refund any overage. Trust me, I hate shipping costs as much as the next person, and I want to make your shipping as painless for you as possible.

BTW, US and US territory orders over $200 get FREE SHIPPING. In cases of free shipping, your package may go by UPS Ground. We send tracking information in all cases, so you can see when your package will be delivered.

Wait a tic, my order qualifies for free shipping, but now shipping is added!
Shipping is calculated AFTER discounts are applied. So, let's say I'm running a 20% off sale, and you get your bad self to $200 in your cart. At checkout, you enter the 20% coupon. That brings your order from $200 down to $160, so shipping is added on. 

What shipping methods do you use?
We ship by USPS Priority Mail in most cases. For large orders in the Lower 48, we may opt to use UPS ground or the new USPS Package Service. For small items, like thread or bias tape, we may use USPS First Class Package service. Whatever way your package goes, we send you tracking information as soon as your order ships.

Check our Policies Page for all the ins and outs of shipping, both US and international.

I'm located outside US Territories. Can I place an order?
YES!!! We have added shipping to the following countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan and Denmark.

I ship all international packages by USPS priority mail, so you can avoid any brokerage fees.

Now, I'm going to say this right up front, the international shipping estimates are expensive. Like, jaw droppingly expensive, because they are based on an estimate of weight and volume that is inexact. But as with US shipping, as soon as I have the actual shipping and handling (about $3), I refund any overage.

Please note that any duties, local taxes or VAT are not included in the shipping cost. You're responsible for those.

I'm local. Can I pick up my order to save on shipping?
Sure! Email me and I'll set up a coupon you can use to take shipping off your order. Be aware, Shopify (the software I use) won't allow multiple coupons, so if there's a coupon discount or an automatic discount, you can't use that and remove shipping. But if that happens, just contact me and I'll refund shipping and you can pick up. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, any pickups will be contactless. I'll have your fabrics waiting in the foyer of Gorgeous Fabrics' Galactic Headquarters.

I can't buy right now. Can you put fabric aside and hold it for me?

Okay then, can I buy it and have you hold it for a few days?
Yes! I'm happy to hold your fabric until the end of business on Friday of the week you place your order. That's especially useful when I'm putting up new products, so you can see what new goodies are coming in and add them. 

BUT!!! And this is a big but - you MUST send me an email when you place the order asking me to hold off shipping, because if you have ever worked with me you know that I literally ship orders out the same day, whenever possible. And once it's in the Post Office's or UPS' hands, it's gone.

I got my fabric and I don't like it. Can I return it?
Yes you can, subject to the provisions on our Policies Page. You can return unwashed, uncut fabrics within 30 days of purchase. Contact us by email for a Return Authorization for your return to be processed. We don't offer refunds or returns without one. No returns are accepted after 30 days from purchase.

Clearance or Outlet fabrics, fabrics labeled "AS IS", muslin, notions, tools, thread, and labels are final sale, and are not returnable.

I'm a social media influencer. Give me free fabric and I'll give you lots of exposure!