Now Live: Half-yard Increments!!!

Now Live: Half-yard Increments!!!

Dec 15, 2023Ann Steeves

Here's a little holiday gift from us to you. Gorgeous Fabrics has half-yard increments!!! Now, you can enter the amount of fabric you actually want, rather than having to do the math to figure out how many half-yards to buy. Here's how it works...

As always, the minimum quantity of any cut fabric is 1 yard. That's the amount that shows when you bring up a fabric's page:

If you want to buy 2 1/2 yards, now you can just toggle the "+" button until you get 2.5 yards, or type 2.5 directly into the quantity. Then add it to your cart:

You'll see the 2.5 quantity in your cart and during the checkout process:

There is one place where you'll see the number of half-yards: when you are at the checkout screen. That's an artifact of the software system we use, and I apologize. But rest assured that the quantity IS correct, and it will be reflected on your packing slip as well.

This is something that has been on customers' (and my) wishlist for quite some time, and I'm thrilled to finally make it a reality!

Thank you for your business, and your patience with us while we got this implemented. I hope it makes your shopping experience more pleasurable. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

Happy sewing!

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