Sewing Friends: Maria Denmark Patterns

Sep 28, 2019Ann Steeves

This post begins a periodic feature called "Sewing Friends." In these posts, I'll highlight other sewing companies that I work with or use in my own sewing. I have not been asked to write these posts, and I receive no compensation for them.

Today's Sewing Friend is Maria Denmark Patterns. I've known Maria for a number of years. She is originally from Denmark, living currently in the US (Yay! I get to see her more!) and running her business from her home.

Maria designs patterns in European sizes 34-54, and I love the patterns I've made! Her instructions and illustrations are clear, precise and easy to follow, and her fitting advice is fantastic! Her Rachel Wrap Dress is one of my tried and true patterns. I wear it frequently and I always get tons of compliments when I do. 

Maria recently launched Sewing Life Magazine. It is an offshoot of her Danish language magazine, Sysiden. I subscribed right away, and I plan to make the trench coat pattern later in the fall. I love making coats, and believe it or not, I've never made a trench coat! 

Maria also runs a very active Facebook group and she posts instructional videos there and on her Instagram account. She's a wonderful teacher, and her patterns are great. Give them a try, I think you'll be pleased!

This weekend I get to see my youngest son conduct the University of Delaware Marching Band. I even got my nails painted in the school colors. Yeah, I'm that dolphin. Go Blue Hens!

Happy sewing!

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