Thoughts on McCalls M7906 Skirt

Thoughts on McCalls M7906 Skirt

Feb 08, 2020Ann Steeves

After working on several coats and wintery stuff, I'm feeling spring. Even if the weather isn't cooperating. I've had this pattern in my stash since last year. 

Oh yeah, I look just like that! 

This is a high-waisted skirt, kind of similar in feel to a pair of (also McCalls) pants that I made a few summers back. It also reminds me of skirts I used to wear when I was younger, so it tugs the nostalgic heartstrings. And that's all I needed! The pattern description reads:

"Very full pleated skirts are worn 2" above the waist and have button front, front and back facings, deep hem and length and carrier variations. A, C: Narrow carriers for purchased belt. D: Wide carriers and self tie belt." 

I made view C, but I don't wear a lot of narrow belts, so I made slightly larger belt carriers. I used a Rayon/Linen Zebra Print. That particular colorway is sold out, sorry, but I do have This One Still Available. I really love this fabric, and in fact all my Rayon/Linen blends. The rayon eases the wrinkling tendencies of the linen, and gives a softer drape that flows beautifully.

I used my Brother machine to sew the seams, and finished the seam allowances with the serger. I used interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply for the waistband facings. I debated about adding interfacing to the front/button facings, but decided against it with this fabric. I think if I make this in a crisper cotton I will use interfacing to give it a little more support, especially if I use a stretch cotton. 

Funny story: while cleaning out my sewing cabinet, I came across some old-style Gorgeous Fabrics labels, so I decided to use one!

The instructions and drafting on this pattern were quite good. It goes together easily, and there are no errors or issues that I found. I really like the deep pockets on this skirt. They are big enough to hold my cell phone (always with me), which is a major plus.

As I say, this is drafted quite well and goes together easily. I recommend it, and I can see making at least one more in a crisp cotton. Here are front and back shots on Shelley:

It's Not Festivus, But...

I'm airing grievance here. There was one thing in this project that royally pissed me off: the buttons. I went out (today) to the Big Box Craft Store to pick up some buttons to finish the skirt. I won't go into the pitiful selection; let's just say that I found some that were adequate. Then again, maybe not. I bought 4 sets of LaMode shell buttons and took them home. In the process of taking them off the cards to which they were stapled, not one, but TWO of them shattered. They are so thin and flimsy that they don't survive the construction process. 

I know what to do about this: complain on their Facebook page and order replacement buttons from a reputable dealer (in this case, Pacific Trimming in New York). But for someone who doesn't know about alternatives to Big Box Craft Stores, or who is new to sewing, it could be disheartening. Worse - it could make someone think it was their fault and dissuade them from sewing.

LaMode buttons used to have the reputation of being "quality". No more. You can be sure I won't be using them again.

All that aside, I like this pattern, and I would make it again. 

I'm going on a buying trip next week. If there's anything you want me to look for, let me know by email. You can contact me here: Email Me

Hope you have a great day. Happy sewing!


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