Bottom-Weight Textured/Smooth Cotton Panel Weave- Army Green

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This fabric is sold PER PANEL, not per yard. Each panel measures 37 inches.

This fabric has a surprise! It's actually woven in a panel, with the first 18 1/2 inches textured with a subtle geometric, and the next 18 1/2 inches smooth. This will make a great skirt, pair of pants or jacket. You can play with the placement of the texture and smooth for designer effect, and you can use either a cross- or lengthwise-grain layout to play with the contrast even more! 

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•  Metrosene Enchanting Forest   
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Content: 98% Cotton 2% Lycra
Width: 58
Weight: Medium
Uses: Dress Skirt Pants Jacket Menswear
Needle: Stretch 75/11
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry.
Stretch: 15% crosswise

•  18-0117     (Vineyard Green)