2+ yards of Cotton Ottoman Double Cloth - Denim Blue/Natural

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$40.00 each
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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring more than 2 yards.

This great double cloth will be great for 3-season wear. One side is a deep denim blue, the other is natural with blue stripes. You can use either as the face, and make a jacket, coat, or waistcoat that uses both sides for contrast!

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•  19-1451
•  Metrosene Midnight Blue   
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Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 61
Weight: Medium to heavy-ish
Uses: Corset Jacket Coat
Needle: Universal 80/12
Care: Hmmm... depending on the garment, I would either dry clean (that's my rec) or hand wash and line dry.

•  19-4023     (Blue Nights)
•  11-0103     (Egret)