Pen/Ink Style Floral Extra Wide Rayon Jersey - Blues/Pinks on Aqua

SKU: RJP01263-05
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This fabric has florals in a colorway that has me dreaming of Hawaii. This is super soft, and so pretty! Stretchy in both directions, it's a dream to wear and easy to sew. And it's really wide, so a little goes a long way! From dresses to tops to leggings, this will be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

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•  Seraflex Luster    
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Content: 92% Rayon, 8% Elastane
Width: 68
Weight: Lightweight
Needle: Stretch 65/9
Care: Machine wash gentle, lay flat to dry
Crosswise Stretch: 80%
Lengthwise Stretch: 30%

•  12-5808     (Honeydew)
•  19-3851     (Midnight Sail)
•  16-4029     (Azurine)
•  15-2216     (Sachet Pink)