Narrow Silk Habotai Lining - Black

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Silk is the queen of all fabrics, and this is the princess in the family! And what a princess this one is! Hailing from the workrooms of 0scar de la R3nta, this wonderful fabric is light as air, soft as can be, breathable, and this one has a slightly crisper hand than most. It's used in garments that retail for many hundreds of dollars. It's also perfect for delicate lingerie and sleepwear. I keep 10 yards of this at home so I have it for any project. Be sure to get yours!

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Content: 100% Silk
Width: 36
Weight: Very lightweight
Colors: Black
Uses: Lining, Lingerie
Needle: Universal 60/8
Care: Hand wash, line dry, or dry clean, depending on the garment