3 Yards of Haute Designer F-Word Double Cloth - Camo/Olive Drab

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The price shown is for a single piece of fabric measuring approximately 3 yards.

This is not your big-box f-l-e-e-c-e (which is a word that we never use around here). For one thing, it's from Yeohlee, a designer of the highest luxury goods. For another, it's double cloth - one side is a camp print, sewn invisibly to solid dark olive. This is used in garments that sell for upwards of $1200, and it is just gorgeous! It's perfect for chic outerwear for women and men.

For tips on working with double cloth, check out This Article in Threads.

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Content: Polyester Lycra
Width: 57
Weight: Medium
Uses: Top Pants Outerwear Activewear
Needle: Ballpoint/Jersey 70/10
Care: Yeohlee recommends dry cleaning. If you want to machine wash cold and tumble dry (which is what I would do) test a swatch first.
Crosswise Stretch: 40%

•  13-0403     (Gray Morn)
•  19-0916     (Rain Drum)
•  18-0527     (Olive Branch)
•  18-0312     (Deep Lichen Green)