Avenue M0ntaigne Floral Rayon Stretch Twill - Peachy Tones on Midnight Navy

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This great stretch fabric from Avenue Montaigne is the sibling of one I had earlier this year, which sold out almost immediately! This has oodles of stretch in both directions, making it super comfortable and easy to wear. It will work beautifully for jeans and pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets.
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•  Seraflex Darkest Blue   
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Content: Rayon Cotton Elastane
Width: 56
Weight: Medium
Uses: Dress Skirt Pants Jacket
Needle: Stretch 75/11
Care: Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low
Repeat: 15 3/4" Vertical, 17 3/4" Horizontal
Crosswise Stretch: 50%
Lengthwise Stretch: 25%

•  19-4022     (Parisian Night)
•  14-1323     (Salmon)
•  12-1212     (Veiled Rose)
•  18-1250     (Bombay Brown)