Embroidered/Sequined Soft Tulle - Gold Tones

SKU: SQM01213-02
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I literally gasped when I saw this fabric. Then I grabbed it, also literally. It has lovely embroideries of sequined florals on a golden wheat mesh, making it a fabulous choice for a dress, skirt, gown, or top. Unleash your golden goddess with this fabric!

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•  Metrosene Toffee   
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Content: Nylon Lycra (fabric) Triacetate (sequins)
Width: 58 (total)/52(sequins)
Weight: Lightweight
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Formalwear
Needle: Universal 70/10
Care: Hand wash, line dry, or dry clean

•  16-1139     (Amber Gold)
•  15-0927     (Pale Gold)
•  16-0836     (Rich Gold)
•  18-1028     (Emperador)