H@nky P@nky Lining - Blush

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It's the return of a best seller!! When I saw there was more of this fantastic fabric from Hanky Panky, I took all I could get my hands on.  Don't miss your chance for this. It's such a wonderful fabric for lingerie, lining and so much more.

Oh. My. Goodness! This fabulous tricot comes from Hanky Panky, and it is perfect for lining knits, using for dancewear or lingerie, and even for making a fun top to layer over whatever! This  will work so well for so much; you'll want to stock up on it (I did!).

Matching Thread:
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•  Metrosene Tea Rose   
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Content: Nylon Lycra
Width: 60
Weight: Very lightweight
Uses: Top Lining Lingerie
Needle: Stretch 60/8
Care: Machine wash gentle, hang dry
Stretch: 80% crosswise 50% lengthwise