Hip Granny Italian Chunky Sweater Knit - Orange/Teal/Green/Mustard/Natural

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This chunky wool comes from one of Italy's finest knitwear design houses (*cough*M!sson!*cough*). It feeds perfectly into the cozy grandma vibe that is so popular, in rich colors. And it's soft and lovely. I adore this for a pullover or a warm and toasty duster.

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Content: 100% Wool
Width: 60
Weight: Heavy
Uses: Top Skirt Jacket Coat
Care: Dry clean recommended. If you want to hand wash, test a swatch first.

Stretch: 50% crosswise

•  13-0607     (Fog)
•  17-1462     (Flame)
•  17-4328     (Blue Moon)
•  19-5030     (Sea Moss)
•  17-1129     (Wood Thrush)