Italian Plaid Silk Novelty Jacquard - Gold/Crema/Brown/Black

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Wow! This plaid silk comes from Yeholee, whose name is synonymous with Quiet Luxury. And this one is So. Cool! It's got thick threads interwoven in a plaid that will work beautifully for pants, dresses, skirts, or jackets. It's a true couture dream.

Oh, and can I tell you? I know how much they paid for this (hint, $120/yard). So I got you one hell of a deal!

Matching Thread:
•  Metrosene Black    
•  Metrosene Dried Apricot   
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Content: 100% Silk
Width: 54
Weight: Medium
Uses: Dress Skirt Top Jacket Pants
Needle: Universal 70/10
Care: Dry Clean Only
Repeat: 10 1/2 inches high, 11 1/4 inches wide
(That's the measurement of the largest plaid motif)

•  15-1049     (Artisans Gold)
•  12-1011     (Peach Puree)
•  18-0933     (Rubber)